Working hours, holidays:

Morning 8:30 – 12:00 Afternoon 13:30 – 18:00

Working days: From Monday – Saturday, 24 days off (equivalent to 1 month of work will have 2 days off (4 sessions), the unused months will be accumulated in the following month).

Leave must be at least 1 day in advance, but not more than 30% at the same time. In case of unexpected leave, there must be the permission of the head of the department.

Lunar New Year holiday 6 – 8 days. New Year’s day, the day of reunification, the international labor, the national day, the death anniversary of Hung Vuong’s ancestors take a day off.

The wedding is 3 days off. If a wife goes to cesarean section, her husband is entitled to 7 days off.

Sick leave must have a doctor’s note.

Unused leave for 1 day is deducted from 3 days salary.

Get married: take three days off

Children get married: take a day off;

The parents (both husband and wife) die; If the wife (or husband) dies, the child dies: take three days off.

Maternity leave is provided for by law.

Business manners:

1. Honest, courteous, courteous to colleagues and customers.

2. Serious manners, neat clothes. Do not dye your hair, do not leave your nails long.

3. Avoid distracting behaviors that affect the work of colleagues.

4. Don’t talk on the phone for too long, do private work, chat, access websites not related to work matters.

5. Personal phones only use the “silent” mode during business hours, except for the designated numbers or company hotline.

Business security:

1. Keep secret the working method or technology in order to increase the competitiveness in business.

2. Do not carry personal file storage tools, copy or upload, share documents, information, project images.

3. Do not share or disclose customer information in any form.

4. Do not use personal numbers to contact partners, suppliers of materials and customers. Who has not been granted a number, use the phone of the company or the number of colleagues to contact customers.

Occupational safety:

1. Keeping labor safety according to the general principles and regulations at the construction site.

2. Maintain and protect assets, maintain and regularly maintain working facilities and machines of the company.

Rights and obligations of enterprises and employees:

1. Enterprises are obliged to pay salaries, health insurance and social insurance strictly according to the agreements between enterprises and laborers according to the signed contracts.

2. The employee causes damage or fails to achieve the efficiency and productivity set out. The enterprise has the right to consider and punish by lowering the wage level corresponding to the low result achieved in the month.

3. Bonuses, commissions and allowances which do not belong to the enterprises’ obligations towards laborers.

4. Enterprises have the right to consider and reward commissions to laborers, depending on their capacity and work efficiency.

5. No bonuses or commissions shall be given to employees if the enterprise is in a state of business without profit, loss or bankruptcy.

Leave of work:

Leave of work must give 2 months notice and hand over the whole job to the recipient.

Unexpected leave must compensate enterprises for 3 months’ salary, including bonuses of those 3 months.

Discipline, dismissal:

Disciplinary violations will be handled according to the severity.

Dismissing, disciplining, imposing fines, cutting benefits, compensating materially or taking legal responsibility for serious consequences and economic losses.

Serious violations of the company have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and dismiss workers immediately, compensation for a minimum of 1 year salary and bonus or more depending on the level of damage:

1. Get more jobs other companies, separate projects at the company.

2. Negotiate separately with partners, suppliers of materials, customers of the company for self-interest.

3. Collaborate with outsiders, contractors, and factories to bring the company’s projects out.

4. Receive commissions, partner’s lining.

5. Give others your phone number or customer information.

6. Copy, upload or share company data (except leaders).

Mai Decor Company is entitled to change any regulations to suit each stage of business without notice.

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