Color & Five Elements

The five elements have many types, so when using the color of the Network coincides with the color of Onions, you have to consider carefully because the “dual” onions is a double-edged sword, depending on the network, sometimes good, sometimes bad. For example: Mesopotamia into gas, which is good only for the original unprocessed metallic life like Hai Trung Kim; Sa Trung Kim; Bach Lap Kim. The other Kim network turned out to be “bimetallic, defective metal”, meaning that two touching metal could cause damage and damage to each other. So, if you are not sure, avoid wearing, wearing and wearing the same colors as your web.
Mang Kim should use dark yellow to brown, jewelry wearing stone like fossil wood, dark brown like a tiger eye. You can wear white stones like diamonds, silver or bright yellow stones, pearls flattened because “bimetallic into gas” means the utensils, tools become assistants for the people of Kim to achieve many useful purposes. useful, more to the more, talented people promote their talents, like dragons more wings. Watch out for “bimetallic, defective needles” as in the example above.
Green should be avoided as they have no benefits.
Cavalry colors of the Fire such as red, pink, orange.
Mang Thuy should use silver, white.
It is possible to use black, blue, violet blue because the “amphibians into Giang” means the river, helping people to expand and multiply the good things they have materially and spiritually. . Also depending on the type of “Water” type of Network, should avoid the case of Network and color of the combined into “dual water, water exhausted” that is shallow water, clean out of water, on the way no way out like chess ” out of water ”to go.
Water can handle Fire so it can be used with red, pink and orange stones.
Cavalry dark yellow, brown, because the soil (dyke) can suppress, stop the water, the water flows smoothly, all the deadlock (purple in favor of red roses, warm purple, is the color of fire).
Mang Moc should use blue, black, purple.
“Mesopotamia into forest”, many trees into forests so the network is very suitable for green, jewelry like fossil wood. Avoid the case of the network of the same color of birth of “birch wood, carpentry” that is broken, like the path of fame, career cut off in half!
Carpentry carpentry can be used to dark brown, yellow.
Do not use the color of Kim such as bright yellow, white and silver, such as sawed trees, hammers, axes chucked into a song.
Mang Hoa should use the fire network Fire, Jupiter means green.
You can use the red, pink, and orange compatible colors but be careful, “dual fire membership” means to become complete, complete and successful. But too much energy turns out to be short-tempered, prone to stress, hot-tempered, bloody, boils, sores, stomach aches. In addition, it is recommended to prevent the Fire network from mixing with the fire color.
You can also use the color of gold as white and gold, because only fire can control and melt the needle into a thin substance. Metallic colors are well suited for fire-prone people.
Do not use black, blue, purple-green (purple in favor of blue, cold purple, is the color of water).
Mang Tho should use red, pink and orange
It is possible to use the color of the Earth onion, which is dark brown color, very good because the “terracotta into paint” means the mountain, helping the position to be solid, protecting the money from loss. But also to be wary of the network with the color of Earth, it turns out to be “terrestrial, terrestrial” soil is arid, physically exhausted.
The color of Mercury should be avoided: black, blue and purple. Cavalry is green, the tree draws nutrients from the earth and lives, the Turkish people use the color of the wood which is increasingly weak in health, physical as well as money and material.